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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Freebie simple template in 3 formats

                  Freebie (simple) template!

I've been working on getting a couple kits and some templates done this week and yes I will be sharing them with you!  I bought a subscription with Mediafire but lately they have bombarded me with silly pop ups that are really irritating!  You would think, with a paid subscription you wouldn't get those things!
My kids are out of school as of last week!  I'm one of those parents that is actually happy they are home with me!  They are my best friends (though I treat them as my children!) There is a limit I have set in stone as far as parenting goes!  I never let them walk on me, because as children do- they take a mile when you give them an inch! lol
If you click at the bottom of this post on the link you'll get the  latest template from me!  Happy Sunday!