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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Life Planner was a sixty five dollar notebook :(

Erin Condren...Ughhhh!
I was - I did say WAS so excited once I ordered my Erin Condren life planner 2 weeks ago, until the day I opened the box and looked inside it!  I ordered a 2014-15 life planner but only got basically a blank notebook of paper and a beautiful spiral notebook cover.  I tried calling their helpline number, it had been disconnected.  I called another number that was enclosed in a business card and a recorder told me to leave an email.  I've left at least 5-6 emails and nothing...just automated emails saying they received my email. Tomorrow will be a week since I ordered.  I'm now tempted to send it back in the original box and just say forget it!!

Update: After 8 emails and no solution... It's in the mail (costed me over 12 to send it back so I'd have a way to track it) I'll keep ya posted!

So it's now mid July but EC has made me happy!  I love my LP! I received thru Fed Ex today!! Woot!  Sorry to anyone I offended but, if this had happened to you, I know you'd feel similar!

Update: August 5th, 2014
I am so completely happy with my Life Planner! EC knew how frustrated  was and what I had been through, they sent me coupon after coupon and Really made it all up to me!  I don't know how I had survived before without my Planner!!  Ha Ha!